“Education awakens the power and beauty that lie within us.” “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”. Anthony J. D'Angelo.

Education made the human being reach where he is today and it will surely lead him where he wants to be in future; teachers build a nation. The role of DIETS is constantly increasing as per the needs, demands and challenges of Education.

Teacher is a part and parcel component of education system on which all entities depend upon. Teacher does not only make planning of education system but also execute, monitor and evaluate the achievement. DIET plays a very indispensable role in developing personality of teachers. Teachers are considered as nation builders .Construction of nation is largely depends upon its constructors, so Keeping in view We, in the light of N.C.F. 2005 and R.T.E. 2009, train budding teachers of our institute in teaching methodologies to teach in an interesting, entertaining and child friendly manner based on psychological principles. As per the syllabus and guidelines of SCERT, Tamilnadu, we also give ample exposure to our teachers-trainees of teaching in schools so that they validate their experiences as well as rectify their approach when act in real situations.

Besides pre-service training, we also organize in service training programmes to make the teachers conversant with latest techniques and methodologies of teaching. In order to enlighten our teacher trainees on various current issues of education, we organize workshops and seminars so that they get sensitized to the issues of vital importance and exchange their views as well as acquire multi dimensional thinking and perspective to them. We invite educationists and other intellectuals as guest lecturers to motivate and guide our teacher trainees and to nourish them with desired attitude to work joyfully. We monitor the ongoing training programmes to ensure their quality and visit schools to provide them on the spot educational support.

My hearty blessing to the teachers and teacher trainers and to those who want to enter this noble profession that the flame of knowledge may ever kindly even and their pupils and teachers take the nation higher and higher till it becomes an abode of knowledge, love, peace, prosperity and unity.

DIET, Kalayarkoil,
Sivagangai District.

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