Historical Background Of The District

Sivagangai District was a part of old Ramanathapuram District. The old Ramanathapuram District played a dominant role in the history of South India. In the early centuries, Ramanathapuram District formed part of Pandian Kingdom till the end of the 15th Century. After the fall of Nayak, two of the Palayakarars viz Sethupathy of Ramanathapuram and Rajas of Sivaganga became prominent rulers of this part. Towards the middle of 18th Century the Europe the French and the British entered into this part. The Sethupathy of Ramanathapuram lost his personal freedom and the British took control of the administration of Ramanathapuram in 1795. It was converted into a Zamindari in 1803 and Mangaleswari Natchiar became the first zamindar. During this period, the Raja of Sivaganga also revolted against the British. The famous Maruthu Brothers. Periya Marudhu and Chinna Marudhu assisted the Raja of Sivaganga in the revolts against the British. After the death of the Raja of Sivaganga (Muthu Vaduganadhar), the queen passed on the sovereignty to Marudhu Brothers, who ruled Sivaganga peacefully and devoted on payment of regular revenue to the East India Company in 1801. The Marudhu Brothers of Sivaganga revolted against the British in collaboration with Kattabomman of Panchalankurichi. However, the two brothers were captured by the British and were hanged in Thirupattur on 1.10.1801.

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